Accessible, Effective CPR. Everywhere.

A Transformative Resuscitation Platform, Enabling Highly Effective Training, Response, And Reporting.

Built By Clinicians – Designed For Everyone.


Facilitate CPR quality improvement that meets 2022 JCO Standards.


Enable high-quality CPR everywhere.


Empower students with team-based learning.

At Home

Effectively train in CPR from the comfort and convenience of home.


Improve safety while simplifying regulatory compliance.

CPR Training is Antiquated.

A lot has changed in the past 50 years, however, CPR training programs have not.

CPR training remains costly, inconvenient, and ineffective - we can and should do better.

Leveraging Mobile Technology to Power Change.

Leveraging wearable technology to power a suite of interconnected and cloud-based software, enabling:

Real-time compression feedback
CPR coaching
Team response
Data collection
Interconnected and cloud-based software

Relay Response is a complete resuscitation solution that meets AHA and ILCOR standards and exceeds compliance requirements.*




Rescuers Rapidly Improve Their CPR Quality with Relay Response.

Delivering high quality CPR improves patient outcomes.¹


Improvement in depth effectiveness


Improvement in rate effectiveness

Transform Your CPR Training Program Now!

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* Pending FDA 510k Clearance; Relay Response system is currently approved for Training Use Only. The Relay Response BLS App™ is protected by multiple U.S. and International registered patents, including US 10,376,441.
¹ Panchal AR, Bartos JA, Cabanas JG, et al. Part 3: Adult Basic and Advanced Life Support: 2020 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care. Circulation. Oct 20 2020;142(16_suppl_2):S366-S468.

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