Partnering with Vanderbilt School of Nursing to Enhance Cardiac Arrest Response and CPR Quality

June 29, 2023

At Relay Response, our primary focus is continuously improving cardiac arrest response and CPR quality. We firmly believe that effective coordination and teamwork play a vital role in resuscitating patients and saving lives. This week, we are thrilled to visit with our partners at the Vanderbilt School of Nursing, where our shared dedication lies in equipping nurse students with the necessary training and skills to excel in cardiac arrest response.

Cardiac arrest is a time-sensitive emergency that demands prompt and efficient action. Through our collaboration, we are dedicated to enhancing the response capabilities of nurse students. With Relay Response, we provide real-time feedback and guidance during CPR training, ensuring that students achieve optimal compression depth, rate, and technique. By honing their CPR skills, nurse students become proficient in this fundamental aspect of resuscitation.

Additionally, effective coordination and teamwork are key factors in achieving successful outcomes in any resuscitation scenario. Our collaboration with Vanderbilt School of Nursing emphasizes the significance of these skills. Through Relay Response, nurse students learn the importance of seamless closed loop communication, mutual support, and synchronized efforts within a team. By fostering a collaborative mindset, we empower students to work cohesively, maximizing their impact on patient care during critical moments.

Through our partnership with Vanderbilt School of Nursing, students are prepared to respond to cardiac arrest emergencies with confidence, competence, and compassion, ultimately making a positive impact on patient outcomes. Together, we are committed to equipping nurse students with the necessary skills to excel in cardiac arrest response, ensuring that they can deliver optimal care when it matters most.

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