Tips for Performing Hands-Only CPR

January 19, 2023

How to Do Chest Compressions. Image courtesy of the American Heart Association.

Important Tips for Effective CPR

  • Keep your Arms Straight... Keep your arms as straight as possible when performing chest compressions.
  • Keep your Hands on the Chest... Your hands should always maintain contact with the chest wall or the practice surface you are using for compressions.
  • Keep your Body Above the Patient... Your shoulders should be directly above the patient or the surface you are compressing on.
  • Keep your hand flat on the Chest... The force of each compression should come from the heel of your hand. You should aim to compress 2.0-2.4 inches.
  • Allow the Chest to Recoil... Full recoil of the chest is vital when performing CPR.
  • Find a Consistent Rhythm... Keep a steady rhythm and stay on the beat! The most effective CPR is performed between 100-120 compressions per minute.

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